Saturday, August 30, 2008

8/30 Gustav

This is an image from our Mississippi Power Titan Radar at 2pm where you can clearly see the eye of Gustav about to move across Cuba.

Gustav has finally come around to it's projected "mega" performance, and, just like Katrina, we saw rapid intensification in a short time. Here Gustav has increased from a Cat 1 of 80mph to a Cat 4 with 145 mph winds within the last 12 hours. Also in the same time frame the pressure has continued to drop from 975mb to 945mb. Now let me remind you, a hurricane is labeled a Category 5 when the winds are greater than 155mph and the central pressure is below 920mb. I tell you this because we have a very good chance of seeing Gustav become a Category 5 sometime tonight.

Please tune in to tonight's 6 and 10 newscast where I will break down some new updates. I will also be updating this blog more frequently from today till Gustav makes landfall.

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