Sunday, August 31, 2008

8/31 Gustav in the Gulf

The big news this morning is Gustav's weakening.  Apparently the western tip of Cuba dealt Gustav a higher card than anticipated for weakening.  Stats:

Winds: 120mph
Pressure: 960mb
Velocity: NW 17mph

After a quick calculation, Gustav will make landfall in about 19 hours (Mon 5AM) if the system maintains constant speed.  Although early predictions suggest a slowing down before landfall.  The slow movement at landfall will cause major problems because Hurricane winds can pound Louisiana cities for several hours.  

With Gustav moving quicker than anticipated...I would expect our forecast this afternoon to see some outer bands from the storm, and conditions should decrease throughout the night tonight for those along the coast and northward.  
At this current point in Gustav's life Tropical storm winds extend 200 miles from the center of rotation, which means a landfall around Houma, LA, puts Forrest and Jones County on the fringe of 39+ mph winds.  

More to come later.....

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