Friday, August 8, 2008

Record LOW?

As predicted, we saw nearly an inch for everyone in the Pine Belt last night.  The rain is good to have, but the rate at which it fell is always dangerous.   I know I had to be careful on the roadways in Hattiesburg, and I hope you were not caught driving through a flash flood.

Today I still wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of showers formed South of 42, but things should clear up by late-afternoon. 

A few things from this rain event.  1) We can further understand how summertime events do not need much lifting to create major precip.  Several regions saw rain yesterday, including us, from being on the backside of the trough axis, but we also found ourselves in a bit of a shortwave as well.  2) The models were on.  Seven days ago the models were forecasting for rain on thursday.  We don't see that predictability during the summer.  3) I now further understand the poor drainage within the city of hattiesburg.  Be aware folks and drive safe.  

A look ahead:
Record LOW in August? We could see record lows tonight with temps dropping to the 60 degree mark.  The lack of moisture in the air and the clear skies will help temps drop.

Put the summertime trend on hold.  More rain is in the forecast, potentially impacting our region Late Sunday night into Monday.  

-Tomorrow I will talk more on our upcoming rain forecast.  As for now, enjoy the clouds today and the clear skies tomorrow! (Saturday = great day for golf or to be on a lake)

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