Monday, October 6, 2008

Back in the Saddle again

Well our big story this week in the weather center is our forecast for rain!  Yes, we have a rain forecast.  It has been more than 2 weeks since we have seen a drop of rain, but in fact today we actually have seen plenty of rain for Stone County and parts of Forrest/Lamar/Marion counties.  A front is making headway through the Oklahoma/Arkansas region today and is expected to push through here on Tuesday.  Although Wednesday we still might see some lingering showers and even Thursday might see a drop or two.  

One interesting note about this event is the thunderstorm activity.  Heavy rain is expected tomorrow from about 8am till mid-day (then on and off throughout the rest of the day), but we will definitely see some lightening mixed in with the rain.  I have only seen a few wind damage reports from today's activity in the Ozarks, but I know we could still see some thunder and lightening.  

Wow do we need the rain.  I think I simply excited to know we are finally starting to get into the mix of our usual Fall-like Fronts pushing through.  After this front tomorrow, we will see another major front push through next Sunday/Monday.  More to come later. 

Some new updates: 
Tropical Storm Marco was just named off the far south shore of Mexico.  The 13th named storm of the 2008 season doesn't seem like a major threat to the Continental U.S. as it will meander around Central America for awhile.

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