Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just raining...

Today explains why I love weather.  We go two weeks without rain and then we suddenly have heavy rain showers with tons of moisture in the air.  Weather...it changes.

My award for the day goes out to the WRF model which has depicted this rain event very accurately ( so far).  My thoughts about today's rain rolled very close to WRF's forecast, and I am definitely thrilled to see the model come through.   We saw a good shot of rain in Hattiesburg this morning before a few hours of muggy sunshine.  In fact, when the skies cleared late-morning, I knew our instability would really drop out.  Heating from the sun and tons of moisture certainly allows rain to pop up fast.  

I'm watching a rather large cell impact southern Lamar county...Hopefully later I can find some rain totals.  As one caller from Rock Hill said, "It is coming down in sheets."

The rain won't be over this afternoon.  I do expect to see bands of rain move through into the late-night hours.  

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