Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clouds but No rain

You might have noticed the clouds entering from our West this afternoon/evening, but the clouds won't usher in rainfall. We have found ourselves in a nice dry air mass, and this will keep any showers from really forming. There is also a lack of upper level energy to produce any rain. Another Cold Front is also on our doorstep to the Northwest. This cold front will push through tonight and tomorrow morning to give us an afternoon temperature only in the mid-50s. This will set us up for a nice and cold New Year's Eve Night. Temps around midnight will be in the mid-30's, but the overnight low will fall into the upper 20's. After New Year's Day our weather forecast becomes rather tricky. Although most models are agreeing on a weather pattern changer, I still think the exact timing on different frontal passages is difficult. This change will take us from the zonal pattern into a baroclinic pattern. This will allow a few disturbances to enter into the Southeast over the weekend an into the start of next week. Have a good night and enjoy the Waxing Crescent Moon! tcade@wdam.com

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