Monday, December 29, 2008

December Sun

A lot of clear weather consumes our forecast going through tonight and into Wednesday, but I think many of us can really manage to enjoy the sunshine. After all, we haven't seen Clear skies since at least December 22. Feel free to watch my forecast tonight as I was able to catch a beautiful sunset from our Grubbs Ford skycam in Columbia. I know it's December, but I think I miss the nice summer sunsets that usually always occur here in South Mississippi. Expect clear and calm conditions to help bring our temp down to the near freezing mark tonight. We are already at 38 here in Eastabuchie! Bring out the blankets and turn on the heat because we can finally get back to experiencing nice seasonable temps. Why are we seeing this? Well after the front moved through yesterday we have a 1027mb High sitting to our Northwest, this is our weather stablizer for the near future. Although I'm looking for the High to spin Eastward and stir up a slight increase in moisture tomorrow, which will allow temps to climb into the upper 60's tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy the night and always feel free to send me your weather photos/comments at Goodnight!

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