Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Of course a cloudy Christmas day for much of us in South Mississippi. Fortunately a majority of the rain this morning only skirted along our northern counties around I-20, but now we find ourselves in warm conditions. The boundary moving northward through our area is a warm front, which is allowing us to maintain these warm temps. Our lows are certainly well above normal. Our normal high/low for Christmas Day is 61/37 but we just experienced a very warm day at 68/57. Althought tomorrow we trump today's high by possibly 10 degrees. The trickest part tomorrow will be determining the cloud cover. If we maintain low-level clouds throughout the whole day then I expect our temps to be in the mid-70s, but if we see a small gap in the clouds we could easily crawl into the upper 70's. My forecast reflects a forecast full of clouds. What about our next cold front? The models have a wide range on the exact timing of the rain Saturday night, but I am going to keep my wording on "saturday night". The forecast becomes very difficult 2 days out when I try to pin-point to viewers whether it's 10pm or 2am. What about severe weather? Well the majority of the severe weather should be to our Northwest and North. By the time the rain makes it to the Pine Belt, we shouldn't see high indices for severe activity. Although I must leave room for a little thunder and lightning. As for now, take care and enjoy this wondeful Christmas Night! God Bless!

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