Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Warm Side

Above normal High and Low temperatures are expected for the majority of our week. This time of year we normally experiences Highs around 60° and Lows at about 40°. My forecast reflects Lows in the 50s through Thursday Night and Highs in the upper 60's to lower 70's through Friday. Although, the abnormal forecast comes with a tricky meteorology setup. Usually I can determine the surface temperature by looking at temperature trends at about 5,000 ft. high, but this Tuesday brings in a special low-level cold air blast into Mississippi. Will we experience the cold air? My thoughts expect Jackson to be the cut-off line for the cold air, but I do know our temps will be topping out in the upper 60s on Tuesday with clouds and showers in the forecast. Tuesday is also a day that our state could see a large range of temps. On Tuesday North MS could see freezing rain with temps in the mid-40s, but we should maintain a steady temp in the 60s. Some of us in our southern counties (Stone and George) could actually see 70°. Of course with such a temperature gradient and upperlevel energy we could see some scattered showers on Tuesday. By Wednesday and Thursday I will expect temps in the mid-70's, but another cold front will push through on Friday to give us a cool start to our first day of Winter next Sunday.

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