Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Totals and a Big Moon!

A quite weather day for us in the Pine Belt is a nice way to wrap up a busy weather week. However, tonight (Friday) there's a significant event if you look outside the atmosphere. The moon is the biggest and closest full moon to be seen in 15 years. It will pass 221,595 miles away, which is about 17, 400 miles closer than average. The next "closest encounter" with a full moon will not be until November 14, 2016

Below are snow totals from the Jackson, MS office of the NWS.

9" - New Hebron, Jeff Davis County
5" - Columbia, Marion County
5" - Kokomo, Marion County
5" - Jayees, Lawrence County
4.5" - Collins, Covington County
4" - Taylorsville, Smith County
4" - West Hattiesburg, Lamar County
4" - Prentiss, Jeff Davis County
3.5"- Mt. Olive, Covington County
2.5" - Bay Springs, Jasper County
2" - Purvis, Lamar County
1" - Ellisville, Jones County
.08-Hattiesburg, Forrest County

Hope you enjoyed it.
-Nick Ortego

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