Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Talking Winter Weather...

The National Weather Service has just issued a Winter Storm Warning for a majority of Mississippi including areas in our viewing area West of I-59.  Timing on this warning is from midnight tonight to 6pm tomorrow.  This warning means significant amounts of snow are expected.  Strong winds are possible.  The combination of snow and wind will lower visibility.  Snow fall will be very wet in nature, which will make for large snowflakes.  Our biggest concern here in the weather center is the forecast of temperatures.  Yes, snow can still occur in temps above freezing.  The reason we could still see snow is because the ground up to about 800 ft. will be above freezing, and usually a distance of 1,000ft. above freezing will melt snow completely to liquid.  But since the falling snow will only have to pass through 800ft. of above freezing temps then we could still see snow at the surface.  Will it stick?  Obviously we need the ground temperature to be at or below freezing for snow to stick.  We are forecasting temps to be in the mid-30s by early morning when the snow is expected to fall.  Temps should stay in the mid to upper-30s through the morning, but our afternoon temp should jump into the lower 40s.  Thanks for reading!  We will have more updates later.

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