Monday, January 5, 2009

Active Tuesday Weather

This afternoon Nick and I have been planning for a very interesting outlook for Tuesday. Forecast models have definitely come together for a possible severe weather event. First of all, tomorrow afternoon you should expect a heavy line of rain. On top of this rain forecast, we anticipate an above normal chance of severe weather. The Storm Prediction Center, SPC, still has our whole viewing area in a Slight Risk. My thoughts on the severe weather forecast...The orientation of the main upper-level trough, which is creating this weather event, will not be persumably setup for a normal strong severe setting, but several factors still come in store for severe weather. My severe indices have definitely increased in South/Central Mississippi for midday/afternoon tomorrow. What do the indices show me? Isolated areas of rotation might be able to be found along the main line of rain, but the most likely outcome will be a squall line producing high winds. Also we must help each other on watching for sunlight and temperature reaching into the 70's. The more sunlight we get, then the more instability we will have, which will aid in stronger thunderstorms. I am also going to watching the area just in front of the main cold front of heavy rain. Not expected, but we might see isolated supercells in the area by 11am and into the afternoon. Please stay tuned to Nick tonight at 10pm and Rex tomorrow morning for more updates. -Tanner Cade

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