Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold Air loosens grip by midweek

Even though today was relatively warm, the majority of the Eastern U.S. is still trapped under the influence of Continental Polar, cP, air mass. Temps across the region today quickly jumped past the 60 degree mark, which turned out to be a beautiful clear day for much of Mississippi. How will things fair to start the week? Monday's forecast involves a strengthening trough digging down into the Eastern U.S. throughout the day, but we should see our main cold front move through in the afternoon. The cold front will influence our actually high temp, but I am expecting highs topping out in the mid-50's. Tuesday will most likely be the coldest day of the week with highs struggling to reach the upper 40's, which will be the consequences of Monday's cold front passage. Now in my forecast I'm labeling Wednesday as a "Transition Day". Why? Well we will start to see a warm return flow bringing a slight pattern changer. We will finally be able to push the Cold Air mass out of the way and bring in a little warmer air mass for a couple of days. Thursday and Friday we should finally see temps well into the 60's. A cold front is influencing my forecast for this upcoming Friday/Saturday, but as of now I am expecting the highest chance of rain on Saturday. Models are forming to their biases for this Friday/Saturday event, but I'll continue to study next weekends forecast. Thanks for reading and please check-in tonight at 10pm as I will be able to graphically summarize your Pine Belt forecast. -Tanner Cade

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