Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unusual Weather Pattern In Our 7Day Forecast

Big changes today in our weather forecast. An unusually system has developed across the nation today. Have you noticed how the clouds have continued to stick around? Well the passing cold front yesterday and upper level flow hasn't been strong enough to clear out our sky. The weather pattern is very "flat" right now with major west-to-east movement. Usually we have amplified High and Low pressure areas this time of year, which makes for strong cold fronts and possible severe weather, but we aren't seeing a strong cold front or severe weather event with the current pattern. Why am I discussing this with you? Well our setup is so unusually that it's making our 7 day forecast very challenging. Several meteorologist across the nation are finding this week's outlook rather difficult, but I do know I am able to pull a few good points to lead my forecast. At about midweek (Tuesday night) I expect a cold front to move through. This front will deliver light to moderate amounts of rain with most of the rainfall/activity remaining to our North. Temps are still expected to warm going into tomorrow and Tuesday, but the front will knock temps down into the 50's on Wednesday.
Enjoy the last week of January!

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