Sunday, February 8, 2009

Multiple Cold Fronts Influence Our Forecast

Our forecast this week includes three different Low Pressure systems (cold fronts). The first Low is moving through the Central Plains throughout tonight, but the strength of the High Pressure system near Florida will kick the advancing Low North of us. But, as this first system comes closer to our region on Monday, the pressure gradient will increase and deliver a breezy day tomorrow and into tomorrow night. Then the High over Florida will continue to deliver plenty of moisture from the Gulf on Tuesday, but the High will slowly drift eastward as our 2nd Low Pressure system (cold front) moves towards the MS River Valley. The 2nd cold front will bring a "clash" of warm/moist air and cooler/drier air. These two air masses along with strong upper level jet streak will help aid in the chance for severe weather along the MS River. Notice, I said along the MS River. I believe the greatest risk for Severe weather on Wednesday will be to our North and West of the Pine Belt region, but, as we are 3 days out, I cannot rule out the slight chance of isolated super cells on the southern end of the advancing cold front. Our Weather Team will definitely update you on Wednesday's situation on Monday and Tuesday. But we still have a 3rd Low Pressure System (cold front) to enter our region. The 3rd front is still 5 days out, but I am looking at this front delivering a good shot at some rainfall on Friday.

Please stay connected to this blog and our weather forecast for our busy weather week ahead. Thanks for reading and have a good week! -Tanner Cade

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