Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rain starts our Monday

Some light showers and drizzle have already impacted South Mississippi tonight. This is due to the movement of a moderate boundary before the cold front passage. I'm currently looking at a line of rain through Arkansas and Tennessee, which directly correlates with the placement of the cold front. This front will really run through Mississippi rather quickly. So by midnight the front will enter the state, but at about mid-morning the front will be out of the state. Rain totals look to be around 0.25" as most of the rain could happen just before your morning drive to work. Although I am looking at the possibility of some trailing showers at 8am and 9am. Our High temp for the day is tricky to understand because the highest temperature could easily be at midnight tonight, and the afternoon temperature will level off only in the mid-50's.

This cold front will also be a main player in allowing more cold air into our region. Yes, by Wednesday we could have another shot of cold arctic air. Notice my 7Day forecast reflects Wednesday in the upper 40's.

Have a good Groundhog Day!

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