Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rain...Rain...Is there Rain in the forecast?

The Big Weather Headline across the country is the snow storm in the far Northeast and the rainfall within the extreme drought of California. Everything inbetween the West and East Coast is rather stable. So here in Mississippi we sit under very stable conditions, and the barometer continues to show 1030mb for us here in Hattiesburg/Laurel. The most notable points to be made of today's weather are the sunny and windy conditions. A Northwest wind has gusted near 20mph at different times today, which I'm sure you felt as you were doing anything outside. The good news is the wind looks to be slacking up a bit as we move into the night and into the begin of our week. We will still be influenced by a high pressure system, but the pressure gradient is expected to decrease.

Our weather pattern for the next 4 days will be a simple warming trend as we will progressively gain more moisture on Tuesday and Wednesday. The clockwise wind flow around the eastward moving High will draw our neighborly moisture (the Gulf of Mexico) back into the Southern States. Then on Thursday I'm looking out for a few showers to develop along a Warm Front, and Friday/Saturday I'm also seeing a "mild" cold front sweep through the lower MS River Valley. I say "mild" because the cold front doesn't seem to be delivering the cold temps we have recently seen (*Remember what I discussed in yesterday's blog post. Please refer back to it.).

Overall, my forecast reflects a warm next 7Days. This is good news for some of us, but bad news for those who are beginning to miss the short winter season in South Mississippi. I'll definitely be breaking down our forecast tonight on the Weekend Nightbeat at 10pm. So please remember to watch as we all begin to plan for the last week of the month. Thanks for reading! -Tanner Cade (feel free to write at

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