Saturday, February 28, 2009

Read for snow locations...

I'm currently watching the Upper Level Low (our snow maker) move enter in Mississippi. Temps are also crashing quickly along with a strong Northwest wind. Snow has been hitting the Memphis and Jackson, TN region for a long time now, and I have already heard reports of numerous wrecks on Interstate 40. No, I do not expect heavy snow fall here in South Mississippi, but the impact of this system will continue to make it's presents known across the whole eastern portion of the country.

What do I expect for winter precip in the Pine Belt? My thoughts still stay the same from last night's discussion. I really think the area closer to Meridian and Interstate 20 have the best chance of seeing snow. Most of our viewers won't see any snowfall, but I do expect some folks to see snow flurries very late into the night and into Sunday morning. Accumulation is not expected even though temps will be dropping below freezing around daybreak since we will struggle to find any moisture to form ice crystals in the snow growth region. The warm soil temperature will help keep roadways clear of winter mix. I feel any precip will tapper off by mid-morning because the moisture will be quickly run dry.

If you are lucky enough to see any snow flurries I suspect the timing to be after midnight and into early morning. Stay safe and stay warm! Thanks for reading!

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