Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Current Weather Threat...

(2:00pm Tuesday) If you watched my forecast at 5 or 6 Monday and remember me talking about the "X factor" in today's weather, you'll see that it has come in to play this afternoon. If you missed it... I'll fill you in.

There's a deep area of moisture that developed over the past 3 hours just to our Southeast. And it is stealing all the moisture from what was once a potent line of showers approaching the Pine Belt. As a result, our coastal counties and parts of Alabama have had to deal with most of the rain.

As of now a Severe T-Storm watch box remains in place until 5:oopm. The National Weather Service is hesitant to cancel it because of an small impulse of storms over south central Louisiana. As of now, that appears to be the only existing threat of severe weather to Pine Belt. I'll keep you posted...


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