Saturday, March 7, 2009

Perfect Weather Warning

A fellow meteorologist in Birmingham, AL, Billy Murray, issued a "Perfect Weather Warning" this afternoon for the Alabama area, but I will definitely extend his warning into the Pine Belt. I hope you were able to enjoy this beautiful day with some outdoor activity. Murray also request..."And phone a friend who may not have heard this warning." Of course, we are only kidding about this "Perfect Weather Warning" but I do agree with this being a great day on the first Saturday here in March. Can you believe this past Sunday we experienced very cold conditions with temps in the 40's with a strong north wind? Or you remember the snow in Mississippi a week ago? Things have changed. A high pressure system off the east coast has pumped plenty of moisture from the Gulf along with plenty of sunshine. The same high is also helping keep the rainy weather to the Central Plains.

I've got to be honest. I spent a long time developing our 7Day forecast this afternoon. This can easily be one of the top 5 hardest long-range forecast I've had to make here. What's going on? Glad you asked because my normal materials are really not agreeing with each other, and every new computer model run seems to give me a new location, timing, and quantity. I'm talking about the chance of rain we have for the end-of-week forecast. The setup could allow for North Mississippi to see heavy rainfall while we sit with mainly dry conditions, but the other model has South Mississippi in the heavy rainfall region within the developing front. My afternoon conclusion: #1 Rain is in the forecast #2 Fronts might push through on Wednesday and Friday #3 stay posted b/c things will change with the timing and location of this rain event.

Take care and enjoy the warm weather! Thanks for reading! -Tanner Cade-

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