Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Showers already breaking out across area

[5:28pm Tuesday] Yes, rain has already started falling across the area. One viewer has already reported a very small 0.02" from a brief shower this afternoon, but this is no where near the rain total we could receive within the next few days. Lets breakdown this forecast: (1) A line of rain/thunderstorms will pass through midday tomorrow and slowly push through during the evening. Some models show this line running down to the coast but I would venture to say the rain line could hunker down over the Pine Belt. (2) The front will then turn into a warm front and start moving northward across the state on Wednesday Night. The rain could likely last through Thursday morning. (3) Remember this pattern: Rain - short break - Rain - short break - Rain. That's what we could see as Thursday PM could involve a break in the rain with another shortwave moving through late Thursday night. (4) Then we could see another break Friday morning. (5) Friday could be a very intriguing day in the weather world. All of the rain within the next few days can really modify the atmosphere before Friday gets here, but some variables are lining up for another round of thunderstorms late Friday. (6) After the Friday Night rain event Saturday could slowly become clear. So Sunday might package in a nice sunny day! Rain totals across Mississippi could be between 3"-5", but some isolated areas could see more. After all of the clouds and rain I'm sure we will all look forward to a day of sunshine at the start of next week. Email me if you have questions. Thanks so much for reading! -tcade@wdam.com

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