Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cold air mass heading South

Tomorrow could be a very interesting day for us here in South Mississippi. Some of us could see some light showers associated with a warm front early tomorrow morning, which will also help allow afternoon temps to near the 80 degree mark. Then during the warm afternoon, some folks in central mississippi will stumble across some small and brief thunderstorms. Here in the Pine Belt I'm thinking most of won't see much rain tomorrow afternoon, but the chance is still around for our day outlook. The biggest story in the weather world is definitely the cold air moving in on Monday. The cold air is the coldest we have seen awhile, but we must be thankful for the sun angle here in early April. Our temps could possibly be 10 degrees cooler on Monday/Tuesday if we were in January. Looks for temps at the start of the week to be in the upper 50's. The overnight temp on Monday could fall into the upper 20's, but we won't have perfect radiational cooling elements since the wind will still be above 5mph. The light breeze will help keep energy trapped near the surface (ground). So remember your flowers, vegetables, and a jacket overnight Monday and Tuesday. This cold air won't really leave until Wednesday.

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