Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cold Nights Ahead

Looks like we have a couple cold nights on our way. I've been looking at conditions back in Arkansas today to see how this cold air mass is performing to the forecast conditions. It looks like the air mass is a few degrees colder than model output statistics is forecasting. So this knowledge has allowed me to drop temps a few degrees cooler than most people are forecasting. The air mass is strong so it is expected to make it all the way to the coast, but the biggest challenge seems to be tuesday night's low forecast. Will the air mass stick around in Eastern MS? We'll face that question after tomorrow night's possible record breaking temp happens. The tough news to face will be the windy conditions through tuesday evening. Cool temps and a 10-20mph wind will equal uncomfortable conditions outside tomorrow. The reason for the wind comes as a result of the tight pressure gradient maintaining it's hold till the cold air mass exits Wednesday morning. I hope you can make it through these next couple of nights because things will warm up after Wednesday. (you can also find me on twitter at

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