Friday, April 10, 2009

Storms this Evening?

(3:30pm 4/10/09) For those of you that have not been following the weather to our North today, Tennessee and N. Alabama have taken a beating. Multiple tornadoes have been reported and some reports of fatalities are coming in.

This bad weather is just ahead of a front... and that front runs all the way down to South Mississippi. The big difference... the strong storms are not down here like they are up there. Long story short... the ingredients are not the same here as they are up there.

With that said... we are not off the hook just yet. The front still has not pushed through the Pine Belt. It actually just crossed over the Mississippi River. And until it gets beyond us, we may still see some isolated storms flare up. I would predict that if we see anything flare up, it will come together quickly on the radar and happen between 5pm and 10pm tonight.


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