Monday, May 18, 2009

As expected, Tropical Activity

Early this afternoon Invest90 came across the wire Northeast of Cuba. Invest90 is simply a generic name given to tropical disturbances before they are given a name. The generic name is given for computer models and meteorologist to identify the disturbance. Our new spaghetti model graphic shown during the evening newscast shows the BAMS model running the system through North Florida and cutting westward by Saturday. Although the GFS model makes the scenario interesting by developing a new Low Pressure System South of Florida, and the model then basically combines the two Lows and sends it into the Gulf. Either way, the outcome will be similar through Wednesday. Florida will be collecting a very large amount of rainfall, which they need at this time. After midweek many things can change. The system (either weak or strong) will wait to impact us by the end of the week. But how much rain will this system bring to us? Well I have low confidence in our rain forecast, but a slight chance will be reflected on the 2nd half of our 7Day forecast. We'll have new tropical updates tomorrow after Hurricane Hunter Recon data comes in. Stay tuned... -Tanner

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