Monday, May 4, 2009

Front Advances Through Pine Belt

After nearly a century of time spent to our northwest, the stalled boundary, now a "cold" front, is finally moving through the Pine Belt. Don't get too excited because the boundary will begin to transition into a warm front to tidy up for the next low pressure system. This can pop off some isolated showers tomorrow afternoon, but most folks probably won't see much in the way of showers. Wednesday is the next day where the boundary could easily fire off some storms in Central Mississippi, but the extent of how much it will impact the PIB is yet to be determined. For Wednesday some models show the majority of the rain North of Hattiesburg throughout central and northern MS. The moisture is strong enough to increase the probability of precip for Wednesday, but we'll fine tune the forecast a bit more going into the next few model runs. After Wednesday a couple of waves seem to try and stir up some showers into the end of the week, but the heat will be on with temps topping out near the 90 degree mark! -Tanner

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