Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forecast made for campers

We had scattered thunderstorms break out in the Pine Belt. Totals weren't very high here in the immidate viewing area, but some folks in Stone County experienced heavy rainfall. Also, our friends along the coast were hit pretty heavy as well.
In the forecast this week we have a unique setup for late-July. A boundary similar to a stationary front will camp out in Mississippi. With slight north-south movement through Friday, we will have a very healthy shot of rain here in the Pine Belt. Multiple shortwaves will drift along the stationary boundary to stir the rain. This setup will be good for the rainfall as well as holding the high temps in check.
In other topics, a High pressure system will begin to camp out in the Western Atlantic. Some models show the High (ridge) shifting over the Bahamas late in the week. What is the big deal? Well this ridge will keep any storm cluster from moving into the north atlantic, which will flow in the direction of the Gulf. Does this mean a better chance of tropical storms? No. But the driving mechanisms of the atmosphere will be able to drive any energy more westward in the Tropics. Please only take this information with a grain of salt because it's merely a "water cooler" conversation (Not serious but worthy of discussing).

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