Saturday, July 18, 2009

Record Highs Now Record Lows

We started the month continually setting new record high temperatures, and now we will be flirting with setting record low temperatures. How can this be? Well we just saw an unseasonable Cold Front swing through the Pine Belt this morning, and now dewpoints are nearly 10 degrees lower than normal. Drier air and lower temps stages beautiful weather, and this might be declared the best weekend to be outside in July.
Tropics are moving a little with some tropical waves worthy of mentioning. Two waves are currently near the Lesser Antilles, but their westward track will take them into an area of high shear. Even though the shear will decrease (become more prone for tropical development) in the next few days, I still expect the tropical waves to still be disorganized for the next few days. We'll be keeping an eye on these developments through next week.

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