Sunday, July 5, 2009

Same Story but Location Change

The same story is developing in my forecast tonight. I'm still planning on rain impacting the Pine Belt area through Monday evening, but some things have changed in my wording for this forecast. It looks like the main area of "Vertical Lift" (needed for rain) will be located within Central Mississippi and Northern Portion of the Pine Belt rather than the whole extent of South Mississippi. This appears to be the main impact area. Although outlying areas of everyone south of hwy 98 can still see rain, but the main area of interest seems to be north of hwy 98. What is the timing on this? The front will push through very late tonight, and my window looks like just before sunrise into midday. Currently, this evening, the discussed front is moving slower than expected, but the system is progressing eastward. For more information please follow me on twitter at or email

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