Saturday, August 15, 2009

1 Day and 2 Tropical Storms

A very eventful day here in the weathercenter. A quiet hurricane season has led to a Saturday on August 15 to remember. Tropical Storm Ana (ah-na) was named this morning and then the National Hurricane Center upgraded Tropical Depression 3 to Tropical Storm Bill. Both have similar stats on paper, but the satellite images tell two stories. Each storm is traveling near 16mph west with maximum winds at 40mph. The difference in the storms is seen by noticing the small size of Ana and the width of Bill. Also, a lot of mid-level dry air is in the pathway of Ana, but Bill is surrounded by a healthy dose of moisture and latent heat to feast upon. Thirdly, Ana will temporarily compete with higher shear of 15kts.

Forecasting the two storms is a little tricky. It apperas model consesus has both moving in a west-northwest motion, which drops Ana on the Southern tip of Florida. Although it is uncertain at this time if Ana will still be strong enough to maintain Tropical Storm strength. Bill is the more bullish storm, if you were to pick one. The positioning of the Atlantic ridge is a key player in the path of both storms.

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