Sunday, October 4, 2009

Typhoon could influence our forecast

Super Typhoon Melor in the far western Pacific Ocean will conceivably play a role in our forecast. In a similar effect of a running wave created by popping, or flipping, a rope, Super Typhoon Melor will propel a major wave in our evolving atmosphere across the United States. The act of a major typhoon typically enhances the trough and ridge patterns in North America. This will likely bring a cold Canadian air mass into the Southeast U.S., and more than one computer model forecast reflects this cold air mass setup. The GFS, Canadian, and European (ECMWF) long-range forecasting computer models all show a significant cold front pushing through our region next weekend. If all goes as planned, Columbus Day, on the 12th, will record the lowest temperatures for the season so far.

A cold front pushing through next weekend will be a pleasant break in our week-long warm, muggy, and wet forecast. Showers are expected on and off for the next 6 days. Then the passage of the cold front next Saturday will allow a cold air mass to rid our region of the warm, muggy, air mass.

Some extended forecast show October remaining dry and cool after this week. Feel free to tweet me at or email me your questions at

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