Saturday, October 10, 2009

Waiting on the next Front

The 90 degrees Friday afternoon quickly dropped down to a cool 70 degrees in the evening as a result to an October cold front. We are left now with overcast skies pocketing in temps in the lower 70's. Unfortunate to some, we aren't experiencing the bitter cold freeze warnings in Central Plains and Middle Mississippi River Valley, but the clouds will help maintain temps in the 70's through Monday.
My forecast story going into the next 7days follows this pattern, cloudy, warmer, muggy again, storms, major cold front, and cooler temps. Yes a warm front will creep north from the coast late Sunday producing rain over much of the area, but this will also allow our moisture to increase going into the week.
All week long models have tried to depict a major cold front dipping into mississippi, but each forecast has been delayed and delayed. I'm beginning to think this Friday will finally be the cold front we've all been looking for, which we usually have a major pattern change (into fall-like) by two and a half weeks into October. This includes overnight lows generally close to the 40's. I'll urge caution on the cold front forecast through today, but I'll be more confident tomorrow if the models are still in agreement.

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