Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold like 1996!

Today was cold, but we will experience even colder temperatures at the end of the week. Another strong arctic cold front will drop highs into the upper 20's and lows near 10.

Many folks have been thinking this cold air mass mirrors a system we experienced in 1996. Our data from February 4, 1996, shows a high of 26. Then the morning of February 5th was only 8 degrees!

Friday night will be very cold near 10, which resembles the 8 degree mark in 1996. This afternoon I ran across's forecast on my iPhone for Friday night, and this product says the low will be 19. Nineteen is much warmer than what will really happen. This is because they only spit out numbers from a computer, but we have different numbers because computers can't comprehend major arctic outbreaks.

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