Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 20-10!

Happy New Year!
After an above normal rainy December, January will start off with below normal temperatures.

December totaled a record breaking monthly rainfall. Here at the station we ended up getting 15.71" and Bobby Chain Airport recorded 17.34". Our totals in the Pine Belt were still dramatically less than the incredible 25.92" received at New Orleans Airport.

Now in January we take our first steps into the coldest part of the year, and upper level temps going into the 7 day forecast portray this fact. Models show Monday's 850 millibar temps dropping to a chilly 17 degrees so I've also dropped Monday night's forecast into the upper teens. This will also help maintain daytime highs in the mid to upper 40's for the majority of the 7Days.

With temps so cold will we see any snow?
Like I discussed in our previous blog post, our positioning within the next few systems in the coming days will put us within about a 200 mile distance from the rain/snow line. With this in mind, snowfall is not out of the question as we look into the upcoming month. Our next chance for snow will be Thursday night, but nothing is definite 7 days away with a snow forecast. I'm keeping the forecast mainly rain at this point. This weekend I will have better details on Thursday's rain/snow event.

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