Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Warmer Today but Frigid Friday is near

Not much has changed after looking over the most recent outlook for tomorrow's weather event. My thoughts are still the same on the precipitation. It looks like the precip will be in the area from mid-morning to late afternoon, and most of the Pine Belt is on track to see mainly a rain event. Snow flurries and light snow have a chance to be seen in our northern counties, but most of us will experience rain. Some road travel will need to be monitored tomorrow night as leftover water on the ground will freeze.

All week my main concern has never been the precipitation forecast for Thursday but the temperature forecast through Saturday. Yes, today's temperature is slightly warmer in the mid-40's, but the cold front tomorrow will quickly drop overnight temperatures back into the teens. Friday and Saturday night will be in the lower to mid-teens. Also, the high temperature on Friday and Saturday will be near freezing. These temperatures are criteria for deathly cold situations.

We should all be concerned with staying warm and providing for those less fortunate around us during this time. Cold snaps like this event are known as "silent killers" for areas in the south that aren't accustom to such cold weather. Some folks don't have sufficient heating capabilities here in the lower mississippi river valley. Stay safe.

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litbit49 said...

I hope you are right that it do snow tomorrow because I dont want to go to school tomorrow. I hope it snow before 9:00 a.m. because I didn't do my essay for Ms.Reece. Thank you, Ta'Kyra from Columbia.