Monday, February 8, 2010

Already talking snow?

Last night was a busy night for me so it was difficult to focus on weather with sports anchoring responsibilities and web site duties. So here is your late Sunday Discussion for the week's forecast in point format.

1) A round of rain will come in late tonight and into early Tuesday morning. We could see about an inch as the cold front passes through after midnight.

2) The next system will be another "Gulf Low" type of scenario, which means be aware of the snow word. Look at this model ( ). GFS already thinks New Augusta will see 4 inches with Hattiesburg/Laurel getting about 3. It's way too early to talk totals because I do expect this to change a lot. This situation appears to have our atmospheric sounding very close to being too warm for snow, but this will be a focus in our forecast this week.

3) Overall this week is a cool forecast as we will be below our normal high temperature.

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