Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cold Sunday, Hello Spring!

Two Stories tonight:
A cold front is pushing the the Deep South this evening. Snow is falling in Dallas and a line of rain is impacting Little Rock through Lake Charles.

-Tonight the cold front will continue to push through Louisiana and Mississippi. Rain will be associated with the frontal passage. I expect the storm's strength to be weak with the lack of upper level winds and low cloud height. Current cloud height of storm's over Louisiana are below the height found in normal severe weather scenarios and I don't expect this to change once entering MS. Of course there is still the potential for strong winds within the rain line, but I expect this to stay along the MS coast. I'm thinking potentially the strongest line of heavy rain could be found after midnight. *The rain will slowly move through the Pine Belt, but won't end until early Sunday morning.

-After the rain passes the temperature will remain well below normal. The surface low will become nearly stationary in Northern Mississippi through Sunday and allow a cold pocket of air to take residence in the state. I expect temps to be in the 40's for a majority of the day under cloudy and breezy conditions. I don't expect the afternoon high to be any higher than 50 in the heart of the Pine Belt. (Oh yea, we just officially started Spring today. Hello Spring!)

The cool conditions will remain through Monday, but Tuesday will have a dramatic turn back to climatology. 70's should be back in the forecast after Monday.

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