Friday, April 23, 2010

A marathon of bad weather

Friday 3:00pm - Right now, zones just to the northwest of the Pine Belt are getting hit much harder then us. We have many reports of hail around the greater Jackson region, which is no surprise.

Meanwhile we need to continue to have our guard up as we roll through out the rest of Friday evening and especially throughout Saturday.

Through the rest of Friday, I'd expect scattered storms to track across parts of the Pine Belt. Some of these storms may be strong at times. Isolated heavy rain may be accompanied by strong winds and small hail. Furthermore, we are under a Tornado watch until 8:00pm Friday evening. With that said, Saturday still remains the day that brings me most concern.

On Saturday, our window for severe weather is from 4:00am until 6:00pm. The storm prediction center has placed the majority of the Pine Belt under a moderate risk for severe storms. This typically only happens to the Pine Belt once or twice a year. Storms on Saturday have the potential to be more dangerous then any weather system we have seen in a few years. Worst case scenarios include possible long-track tornadoes, flash flooding, and hail the size of golf balls.

Thanks for trusting the 7 on your side weather center in covering this event. Don't forget that we have many tools on our website to allow to track storms with us. I encourage you to try out our radar on your mobile phone at Also keep up with Rex and myself on twitter.