Monday, May 10, 2010

21 days and counting.

Hurricane season officially begins June 1st. EVERYTHING that i am seeing indicates a very active year. Some experts believe that we may see 18-20 storms form during the six month long season. As I always point out to folks. It is not how many storms that develop in a given season-it's the one that affects you and family ! Some of the worst hurricanes on record came during very active seasons. Camille in 1969 and Katrina in 2005-but other severe, record setting hurricanes formed in very slow seasons. Betsy in 1965-which was the first billion dollar hurricane incidently-and Andrew in 1992-which until Katrina came along had been the costliest hurricane in U.S. history. My point is this. Just be prepared just in case. Go ahead now and stock up on batteries, bottled water and canned goods. For now the weather is calm. We will monitor the tropics and keep you informed in the months ahead. Rex

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