Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tropical Depression # 3 Forms !!!

The National Hurricane Center is now issuing advisories on T.D. # 3 that has formed in the lower Bahamas. Computer forecasts indicate the system will become Tropical Storm "Bonnie" later today or by no later than Friday. The storm is forecast to move in a west northwest direction that will evenutally bring it into the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend. As far as strength, it appears at this time the system will not become a hurricane unless and it can lose the influence of a large upper level low to it's west. If that occurs, then the storm will gain strength and possibly attain hurricane status. All interests in our area should pay close attention to all statements being issued by the National Hurricane Center over the next several days. There is also another depression that may be forming in the southwestern gulf but should have no impact on our weather as it is forecast to move into Mexico. Stay tuned. Rex

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