Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dry and hot weather prevails but....

A strong ridge 0f high pressure continues to influence our weather and will do so for about another week. We are really getting dry around here and so far the only rain chances we see are about a 20% chance coming in next Tuesday. Now for the interesting part. Most of the major weather models are predicting that the high pressure ridge will begin to break down next week and several tropical cyclones may actually form in the Caribbean Sea and some are forecast to come into the Gulf of Mexico. What is very concerning here is the fact that the waters are very warm in the gulf and tropical systems must have warm water to maintain themselves. Are we going to be impacted here ? I can't say for certain but I will say that I would certainly keep up on the weather beginning next week. There is some concern that a major hurricane, or possibly more than one, will strike the U.S. mainland before the season is over. As I like to say-Stay Tuned !!! Rex

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