Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why it is NOT snowing.

Pretty much we have some precipitation above us and it is on the verge of snow and possibly a rain-snow mix. The problem is that the atmosphere is VERY DRY from the surface up to about 10,000 feet so any thing that attempts to fall to the surface evaporates before reaching the surface. Almost all of the ingrediants are there for a rain-snow mixture, it is the dry air that is causing the problem. More cold air is on tap tonight with a hard freeze forecast with lows near 20 and some folks could see upper teens so take precautions. More cold Arctic air arrives late in the weekend into early next week. Will we have more chances for snow before the winter is over ? Yes, I think we will so for all of you snow lovers, don't give up yet !!!! Rex

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happyteach said...

will temps ever drop & stay down instead of popping back up into the 70's?? This is crazy for December!!