Tuesday, January 4, 2011


For about the next week to ten days we are going to basically see normal to slightly below normal temps in our area but all the major forecast models are indicating that by mid month-say around the 12th through the 20th- a huge mass of Siberian air will invade much of the nation including the deep south. There are hints at some type of winter weather event or two with this outbreak of cold air. Could it mean snow or possibly and ice storm for us ? Well it is much too early to tell at this point but I urge everyone to pay very close attention to the weather over the next two weeks. One forecast model that I saw yesterday indicated lows in our area of around 10 degrees with highs in the 20s on or near the 18th of January. Please keep in mind that this is a long range forecast that is apt to change but all indications are there of some really interesting weather headed our way down the line. I will keep you updated on this event as each day unfolds with newer information. BBRRR!!! Rex

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