Thursday, January 6, 2011


There is no question as we go into next week the weather is going to turn much colder. How much colder ? Well the models are coming into better agreement but it is still too early to tell but do be prepared for some cold days and very cold nights. Now the other intersting side of the story. A storm system off the coast of California will begin to work it's way east soon and will arrive in our neck of the woods Sunday into Sunday night. Here is the deal. If there is enough cold air in place and the low tracks south of our area then we may see a serious winter storm ! Models indicate that there will be enough moisture in the air to provide 1-2 inces of rain or more. That's fine if it falls in temps above freezing but if it occurs in below freezing temps that could result in ice and sleet accumulations of 1 half inch to an inch and that would be bad. On the other hand if the temps are cold enough through all of the air columns then the precip would fall as snow resulting in an amazing 5-15 inches of SNOW!!! WOW!!! I am urging you to keep abreast of every forecast that comes from this station over the next few days. I will take care of the morning forecasts, Nick will have the evening updates and Kelly will have the weekends. Who knows, we may all end up here if it really gets serious !!! Please keep in mind this forecast is still evloving and many differant soloutions are possible. I urge you to keep up with every forecast for the next several days. Rex

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