Monday, February 7, 2011

Weather expected for middle of the week.

As it stands right now, a low pressure area is forecast to develop in the gulf on Wednesday. Cold air is forecast to be arriving in south Mississippi at about the same time. If, and the big word is if, there is enough cold air and moisture in place, we could see rain change over to light snow late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. This is an evolving weather event and will have to monitored closely and we will have a better handle on the situation by Tuesday. After the colder weather moves in it should quickly modify and we could see temps rising to the upper 60s by Sunday. Rex

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crdennis said...

However, at practically the same time, Nick says: 'While it looks like we may see a rain snow mix late Wednesday, accumulation does not appear likely for the Pine Belt.' Why don't you just admit that the 'MAJOR' snow event that you predicted is going to be a 'no show' and be done with it!