Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rain, rain please don't go away !!!!

According to the almanac that we keep in the WDAM-TV weather office, the last time we measured rain was on August 29th-ironically-the fifth anniversary of Katrina ! We have not collected a drop since ! If we make it through today without any rain- of which is probable-that makes 18 days straight!! That is unheard of here in south Mississippi for September ! Normal rain totals average around 4.27 inches and sometimes much more if we are hit with a tropical system ! It may take a tropical system to break this dry spell and some models are hinting at something in the gulf late next week. We don't need a hurricane but we do need some rain because now we are heading into October which is typically our DRIEST month ! Maybe we can get a weak system in here to help us catch up. We will see how it goes next week. Rex

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