Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Official" Hurricane Season Forecast Next Week !

The National Hurricane Center is set to release their "official" forecast for the 2010 hurricane season on Thursday, May 20th. I simply must share with you what the director of the National Hurricane Center told meteorologist Chuck George, who happens to be with our sister station KOLD in Tucson, in a recent interview concerning the upcoming season. The following is a direct quote by Bill Read, Director of the National Hurricane during the interview. "A week from now on May 20th we are going to issue the NOAA forecast with specific numbers and it might be a suprise to people to know that I"m not even privy to that until right before it's released because it's used in futures and trading and there are laws on that." WHAT ???? How is it possible that the Director of the National Hurricane Center is NOT PRIVY to that information beforehand!!!!! That makes no sense to me whatsoever ! Anyway, I thought i would share that with you and if you have any thoughts on the subject feel free to email at

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