Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Snow Events in Pine Belt History

Not much has changed going into the forecast for the snow event in the South Mississippi tonight and into tomorrow. The biggest thing that might surprise us is the amount of snow in the area. Our friends at the National Weather Service in Jackson have update things late this morning to indicate the possibility of seeing nearly 5"-9" through McComb, Columbia, and Hattiesburg. This means isolated locations along the Hwy 98 corridor could see nearly 9"! Wow, this is an incredible total to forecast for South Mississippi, but the details are lining up for a textbook deep south snow event.

With the potential high snow totals here in South Mississippi, we've been looking into the past big snowfalls in our viewing area. Unfortanely the biggest hassle is our data history. Our observation plot at Bobby L. Chain started recording data in 2000 (so we've been told). Here are the details on the big three events we've noticed...

1) March 1993: At the station we have written down that our eastern viewing area (probably east of I-59) received 3"-8". This came in the form of thundersnow.

2) December 30, 1963: National Weather Service says Meridian received 16" of snow, and many here at the station remember between 8"-12" in the Pine Belt. Rex Thompson remembers Columbia receiving near a foot.

3) 1894: National Weather Service scratched around and helped us find this hidden event over a century ago. They have 10.2" here in the area.

With these three points we can conclude the magnitude of this potential snow event. Some isolated areas in the region could see 7"+ and this could become a fourth big event to remember in South Mississippi.

Take care and be safe!


Tim said...

Cool weather detective work there Tanner. Keep up the good work!

Dena said...

I remember New Years Eve 1962 watching the snow fall 13" as a child.

Jan said...

I was living in Newton county when
it snowed on New Year Eve 1962.
We got 14 inches with high drifts. Temps stayed dangerously cold for
2 weeks. The lows were close to
zero for several nights. We were
out of school 2 weeks ..the dirt road would refreeze every night & stayed impassable. Remember my Dad walking 3 miles to town. Many
birds were found frozen it stayed
so cold..Wow..Makes me feel old.
But it was definitely the most snow I ever remember in central or S Mississippi.
We had a snowfall on Dec 18th, 1962 of a couple of inches so that was a multi snow year,too.