Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Severe Weather Outlook

First off, whether or not we have severe storms in the next 18 hours... tonight will continue to be windy. We should see South winds around 10-25mph. We'll also see a chance of moderate showers through out the evening.

Between the early morning hours and noon Wednesday, we will have a chance of more intense weather. However, the best chance for severe weather will be concentrated North of I-20. This is good news for the Pine Belt. I believe we still have a chance of Heavy Showers and maybe some isolated severe storms or even an isolated tornado, but I think we will be off the hook when it comes to the most dangerous sections of the of the approaching squall line.

This storm system has already spawned multiple tornadoes around Oklahoma City. In fact, weather fans may want to check out www.KOCO.com to see some tornado footage that was caught live on the air.

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