Thursday, June 4, 2009

And the Rain Came

The Front and Low Pressure system we have talked about is finally pushing through the area, but the pace of the system isn't setting any speed records. The current radar loop shows a good depiction of the counter clockwise movment of rain bands around the Low in North MS. This is why we have seen showers on and off all day. After a sluggish Thursday, I expect most of the rain to end near midnight. Wonder why no severe weather? Well the upper level mechanisms which help trigger severe weather are relatively low. This time of year its common to see the major jet stream way to our North, which aids in developing "spring storms" in our area. We've been in the track of several storms here at the station so we easily jumped over 1" for the day. Rain totals are expected to be mixed and random with the scattered activity. Otherwise, the weekend looks very nice. A peak into Saturday shows low humidity and a lot of sunshine.

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